Wake up Chennai~ Beware of Breed Dog Robbers

Chennai Focus is coming across an increasing number of owners complaining about lost dogs. The dogs lost are breed dogs costing a huge sum in the pet market. We want to caution the owners who own breed dogs to be careful while taking their dogs for a walk on lonely roads.  Owners who lost their dearest dogs can write to us here and we will do our best to reach it to dog lovers to find out if the dogs are seen or being sold elsewhere.

Watch out dog owners, because it looks like Chennai’s roving chain-snatchers are eyeing Rover too. Dog owners say that just like bikers who zip by and snatch gold chains off the necks of unsuspecting morning walkers, you now have gangs on bikes whizzing by whisking dogs from their owners.

Niloufer Seth Siddharth, a resident of Sriram Nagar, recently lost her eight-year-old pug, in a matter of seconds, when two bikers stopped beside the dog, who was being taken for its walk, grabbed it and zoomed off, leaving the dog-walking maid lost for words. “It happened at a blind alley where we usually take the dog. He is let off the leash to wander the small space. These people may have been watching our dog’s routine for some time. Otherwise, they would never have known how to snatch it,” says Niloufer who has been putting up posts on every “lost pet” site as well as posters around the neighborhood.

In Royapuram, advocate Naushad Khan, had lost his pet Persian cat Bholi in a similar snatching incident. Only, he was lucky to later find his abducted cat at the illegal Sunday animal market in Broadway. “My cat was leashed and playing in front of the house. My neighbors spotted two men, stop by on a bike, untie the cat, put it in a bag and zip away,” says Naushad, who tried to lodge a case with Royapuram police. Naushad says – as do most distraught owners of stolen pets – that the police paid little attention.

Naushad took matters into his own hands and went to the Sunday market looking for Bholi. “When I spotted him, I acted like an interested buyer. When the man made the deal with me, I took him straight to the police station,” says Naushad.

Police say with enough cases involving humans on their hands, they simply have no time to go looking for stolen pets. “We have to deal with theft, violence, cheating, where is the time or the manpower to deal with stolen pets,” says an assistant commissioner of police in Alwarpet area, who admits that he and his officers have received several complaints from pet owners but have not investigated the thefts. “Pet owners need to be careful. They cannot expect us to waste our manpower on their pets. Who will deal with the other crimes in the neighborhood?” he says.

Arunodaya Reddy, dog trainer and owner of pet store Pets 101, says GPS trackers will not help in the case of a stolen pet. “The tracker gives the dog’s location, but the thief just needs to remove the collar with the tracker.”

Small dogs such as pugs and beagles are often grabbed as they rarely fight back or bark and can be re-sold for Rs 25,000 to Rs 35,000.

Actor and danseuse Lalitha Kumari, who lost her pug Polly to dog-snatchers two years ago, says it took her a long time to get over the fact that she would never see her dog again. “Many of my friends have also had their pets snatched during their walks or if they were tied in their front yards. Polly had just finished her bath, and was sunning herself in the garden when two people in a car snatched her,” she says.

This year, Lalitha finally had the courage to get a new dog — a German Shepherd-Husky cross breed named Sky. “But I am so paranoid I walk him only on the terrace of my home. I have not taken him out on the street,” she says.

Nadhimoolam Play Review by The Hindu

Admin Chennai Focus:

We are happy to support this effort to keep Tamil Theatre in the pages of The Hindu and the New Indian Express.

Originally posted on Paperless Musings by Script Writer K.Vivekshankar:

When conscience pricks


27FR_NADHIMOOLAM1_2323231g scene from Nadhimoolam. Photo: M. Vedhan

27FR_NADHIMOOLAM2_2323232g Lighting scored a high at this play, Nadhimoolam. Photo: M. Vedhan

‘Nadhimoolam’ portrayed the agony of the protagonist.

A clear conscience is a soft pillow. Our conscience can make our lives miserable, by reminding us of our mistakes. The still small voice does not rest until atonement has been made. In the case of some, atonement isn’t enough. The guilt feeling drives them to actively seek death, for this is the only way they can be released from the nagging of their conscience.

Gopi (Girish) is a man, whose past haunts him so much, that reparation for past mistakes isn’t enough for him. He wants to end the torment by seeking death at the hands of those he has wronged. In Prayatna’s play ‘Nadhimoolam’ (story, dialogue, direction K. Vivekshankar), Gopi’s conscience appears to be the protagonist. The play takes…

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Aruvamanai, Our Indigenous Traditional Vegetable Cutter and Coconut Scraper

Aruvamanai, a unique cutting instrument, used by Tamil women where you have to squat on the floor, press the wooden plank to the floor with your feet and cut fruits and veggies on the sharp, curved menacing looking iron blade. You have both your hands free to hold the veggie and peel and then cut it. The serrated tip pf the boti also served the purpose of grating coconut and it was much faster than any other method I have seen.

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Review : Nadhimoolam Tamil Play by K.Vivekshankar

Further to our writeup on Stage play, we took the initiative to followup on the Tamil Play Nadhimoolam being inaugurated in Mylapore Fine Arts Club hall.  The play started on time, by 7 PM and Mr.K.Vivekshankar dedicated the play to Mr.B.Kailasam,  his mentor and son of Director K.Balachander, who passed away recently.

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Its a New Tamil Stage Play K.Vivekshankar’s Nadhimoolam from Prayatna

Tamil stage play has been associated with Tamilians from yonder days. It has been the source of entertainment of our people those days and it would not be an extravagant statement if we say that many of our cine actors we admire to be evergreen heroes started as stage play artiste. Today this live entertainment division of performing arts is lacking support and admiration. The theatre troupes have very little from the public as encouragement and they face stiff competition from television and internet having mass reach.  If it was not for the art loving sabhas such as Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha, Kartik Fine arts to name a few,  Tamil stage plays would have become extinct by now.

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Kids will Love this – The Grand Bazaar @ Vanilla Place

Vanilla place at  Greenways Road in R.A. Puram, Chennai is conducting the Grand Bazaar on December 14. The bazaar has few interesting activities for the children and products. Activities include building sky scrapers with citiblocks and jungle story time. Check out the details for location, registration and time.

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Learn Basic Quilling and Shapes

Quilling has become a popular hobby and the kits are commonly available in leading shops selling hobby materials. It is interesting to note that quilling is done with paper and a right tool. We thought it will help our enthusiasts to check out the basic quilling technique and few shapes used to make some marvelous designs in time for Christmas and New year decorations.

How to Make a Tight Coil

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Southern Railway Specials for Clearing Sabarimala Rush

Southern railways announced new Sabarimala Special trains between Ernakulam and Chennai central for avoiding extra rush of passengers during the season. Following are the details

Train No. 06345 / 06346 Ernakulam – Chennai Central – Ernakulam Weekly Super fast Specials (via. Coimbatore):

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Light House in Chennai is Now Open to Public

The eye of the Night

The eye of the Night (Photo credit: R.Srijith)

The Light House in Santhome has reopened to the public. Union minister for shipping and ports, G K Vasan did the formal launch this morning and let guests have the first ride to the top and get a great view of the sea, the beach and the San Thome and Mylapore neighbourhoods.

A brand new lift takes you to the top and you get to take the scenes in from the gallery which has been gated so that people do not jump off it or cause an accident. Visits are regulated and kept short since the access to the gallery space via  staircase is narrow.

There is also a smart and small museum at the rear which showcases all the instruments used in lighthouses down the ages, including two ‘live’ lights.

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Maritime Heritage Museum at Mahabalipuram

The Tamil Nadu maritime heritage museum, coming up at Mamallapuram, near here, will have 3D shows in the auditorium to give a real-life feeling to visitors, especially children.

Simulators for submarines, depiction of the maritime history of the state from the Sangam era till the end of the 20th century, are also planned at the museum in which the decommissioned INS Vagli submarine will be the centrepiece of attraction.

The themes for display was proposed by R. Kannan, principal secretary of tourism. He said each era would be depicted separately and in the modern era, from 1900 AD onwards, there would be sub-sections for each type of technology like papyrus ships, palmyrah ships, steam ships, wooden ships, steel, diesel ships, buoys communications, lighthouses, etc.

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Offbeat Destination – Mathur, Karnataka

downloadA first-timer would love to classify Mathur, about 10 km from Shimoga in Karnataka, as yet another “sleepy village with lush green fields’. But, there is more to this village than stately arecanut farms, winding roads and friendly people. For more than 25 years now, the village has been in the forefront of a movement to keep spoken Sanskrit alive. And, you notice the difference from the minute you step into the village.

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First All Women Commercial Bank in Chennai

An ensemble of uniformly dressed eight women employees in a yellow silk saree marked the grand inauguration of Bhartiya Mahila Bank (BMB) in Chennai on Tuesday. Chennai was one of the privileged seven cities to get an exclusive branch of the country’s first all women commercial bank.

The brainchild of Union finance minister P. Chida­mbaram, launched with a corpus of Rs 1,000 crore, hopes to empower women by primarily taking care of their special needs and requirement.

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