Know about Zumba, a Fun Way of Working Out for Young and Old


If you love to party and dance without any inhibitions, then Zumba is for you. It also applies to others who want to get into Zumba to shed those inhibitions of dancing. Zumba is a form of aerobic exercise that is more like a dance without much stringent rules. It is instructor led but you can experiment it in your own way while having fun. With Zumba, it is party time folks with additional benefit of burning those extra calories. Let us know go a little bit deeper to understand Zumba and how it fares as an effective workout.

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Man on a “Machine” Shares the Load


An interesting theory this, sharing the load is a meaningful phrase when it comes to the family. For the “metrogenous” couple, it does not matter who does the chores as long as it is done. There is no bureaucracy here. However, the daily challenge of having the chores being shared smoothly is partially achieved by agreeing on who does the laundry. However, when I do this, I wanted to make sure I do not fumble up the process and hence, was very cautious in executing it. A glimpse on my first hand experience of taking the #WashBucketChallenge with Ariel and my Whirlpool washing machine:

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Dyeing your Hair – Gray Hair is the Trend Now

If you are one of those sporting gray hair due to hereditary traits or in an age where your hair grays naturally or simply the one who is bored with dyeing your hair often, then this news is for you.

Gray hair is becoming a fashion and women are streaking and dyeing their hair gray sporting what is called the ‘Granny Trend’. Many of us already know this trend with actor Ajith showing off his ‘Salt and pepper hair’ becoming a rage with his fans and fashion conscious men and women alike.

Platinum hair as it is called is taking the models and celebrities to show off their gray and you can also be one either naturally or by putting it on.

Empowering India through E-Governance

E-governance in layman’s words is Empowerment. The government aims in bridging the gap between a person and the authority. It is true that our constitution divided our country into smaller units of control to ensure that every step taken by the government reaches its benefactors. Today, the scenario is not so rosy. Many programs implemented by the government do not reach the people. How many of us know about the various loans extended by the government for start-ups, women entrepreneurs, students and farmers? The answer from a common man is a Big NO. The answer YES is what India needs today. It is a commendable effort from our government to create #DigitalIndia to make sure that it connects to every person in the Information Super Highway.

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Making Life Simpler

A joint family is a place to be, full of fun, sharing, caring and above all bartering work and breaking up responsibilities. It gives us a stress free environment, a learning experience, value for money and above all, a social responsibility of give and take. For the women at home, it is watching television together, planning the meals and managing household responsibilities. It is no more the rule today. Joint families do have working women who refuse to be tied down by household duties and want to be part of the earning gang. Naturally when women start working to take the load off men’s responsibilities, it is the onus on men in the household to take a share out of women’s duties too.

Men were sportive enough to take up the responsibilities but still the majority of the household work lay with the women on the flimsy excuse that they did not know how to do many of the chores. Unfortunately, women did not have that liberty as the men cannot take over their work at office. Women at the receiving end decided to make the household work simpler and started planning different ways of attacking the men who were enjoying both the earnings of women and the benefit of excused household work.

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Hotels in Chennai Catering to Business Travellers

Chennai is a heritage town situated at the east coast of India, at the geographic pinnacle of Tamil Nadu, one of the most populous and technologically advanced states in the country. Being a hub for commercial and industrial activity for South India, Chennai is home to umpteen travellers visiting the city for their pleasure and business needs. This paves way to endless opportunities for business hotels in Chennai to cash in on the never-ending search for prosperity in the city by immigrants and domestic travellers.

What is worth mentioning is the fact that there are hotels in Chennai that can cater to the needs of both the prince and the pauper to their utmost satisfaction and benefit. Chennai is home to all three modes of mass travel; rail, sea and air. The Chennai Central Railway Terminal is a heritage facility serving as a landmark for people traveling to South India. There are a bunch of hotels near and around, those that offer the best comfort as well as the best value for money. However, considering the profile of passengers that the Chennai Central Railway terminal handles, there is comparatively lesser number of high-rating business hotels in the surroundings.It would be worthier to mention the hotels near Chennai Airport as vast majority of the travellers arriving by flight are here on a business need. Hence, business hotels in Chennai enjoy enormous foot falls as compared to those in the non-metro cities.

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Energy, Dedication, Commitment at its Best at Shraddha’s Draupadi Kuravanji


Shraddha, a group promoting theater, staged Draupadi Kuravanji in Kattaikkuttu, a traditional art form in Narada Gana Sabha during the weekend. To all those who want to know what it means, remember the olden days when people spent nights watching the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharatha performed in open grounds, it is the same form much similar to Theru Koothu. P.Rajagopal, a humble man is the founder of Kattaikuttu sangam.  Read about him here.

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Playing 2 Aces with Place and Space

After a stint of 15 years abroad, I arrived in Chennai to begin my life here. I had a successful career out there and was quite comfortable settling there. My family thought otherwise, they wanted to enjoy the freedom of being in their own country and get to know our rich traditions and culture. They were longing to find their identity back in India and introduce themselves to my friends and relatives.

I studied Engineering way back in the 90s and struggled to find a decent job. I lived with my parents in one of the dinghy streets of Triplicane in Chennai with hardly any place to move around. The place was so constructed that the wall of one house’s kitchen was the wall of the neighbor’s living room. I wanted my own space and privacy and hence worked hard to land in a company which would take me abroad. And there I was in US, enjoying the vast space, richness and cleanliness of the country I longed to live in, right from my college days. I married an Indian girl from a family who settled in the country 2 generations back and we had 2 children. The yearning to get back to our country seemed to be more with her and the children than me. Unable to resist their interest, here I was, back in our country with my family.

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Request Theatre Lovers To Help a Cause

Prayatn Stage is coming out with their 2nd Tamil Play of 2015, ‘ID’  on April 29, 2015 at Narada Gana Sabha in the Kartik Fine Arts Summer Drama Festival.

To keep the Tamil Theater going, Prayatna Stage K.Vivekshankar is going into Crowdfunding his forthcoming Tamil Play, ID.  He requests interested people to get in touch with him to contribute whatever they can for this project.

Prayatna stage is also conducting an audition for aspiring actors to be a part of the forthcoming play ‘ID’ and their subsequent plays.  Prayatna is staging 3 plays this year. The first ‘Nadhimoolam’ was staged in February and received good reviews from media and audience too.

It may be interesting to note that K.Vivekshankar was the writer for television serials such as ‘Veetuku veedu Looty’, ‘Engirundho vandhaal’ and many productions of Minbimbangal (owned by K.Balachander and his son, B.Kailasam) , ‘Bommalaatam’, and many more.

To know more about Prayatna and  K.Vivekshankar check out

For further details,

Contact : Mr. K. Vivekshankar  @ 9841433965,  email :

Let us show the world that we care for our art forms.

Deciphering the Smart Phone Jungle

I was one of the early users of mobile phone. I had an imported one that weighed like a kilo of sugar and most unhandy. Those were the days when even the incoming calls were charged. In spite of all its cons, I was proud of my phone that I knew everything about it, right from its place of birth and its operating system, not the one in the smart phones today but the bits and pieces of hardware that went to it.  It was one of my precious baggage and all the evolution related to mobiles, thanks to Nokia, Blackberry, Apple and the likes, did not influence me. It was my phone and it did what it should do, converse with other on the line.

Repeated attempts by colleagues and family did not deter my decision to exchange it for any of those so-called smart phones. Queer looks and quirky comments always followed me whenever I took out my phone to talk. I am not the one to give up so easily, after all it is my hard-earned money and it was working fine.

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Quilling, Scoobie Strings, Loom Bands and More

For those without a teenaged girl at home, these terms would not mean anything. It is very common to see mother folk sulking about the children not having the fun they used to have in their childhood days. But the fact is they too have their piece of fun and in the own way. The terms in the title are the activities they pursue which can be matched to the beads stringing and wire baskets we made during school and college days. A hobby that improved our concentration and motor skills and also a smooth introduction to arts and crafts.

The difference here is the activities pursued by us were general in nature, may be a purse, a desktop item or a wall hanging but these items help them to make ear rings, key chains, finger rings. It got personal you see. Do make your daughter a part of this group and for sure, she will get hooked on it.

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Life is a Challenge, Face it

A person can be said as successful by counting the number of failures he has had before reaching his success. This might sound good in words but to experience it in life is a big challenge.  Today in the world where money speaks, it is not easy for anyone to quit a coveted job however demanding situations are.  Funny it is that certain scenarios change equations so fast that those things which meant the world to you sound insignificant and worthless.

I started out as a small timer in the huge IT industry when the term software was hardly known. Self help and much of stints in training subsequently brought in better jobs and slowly moved onto working with a multinational organization. A dream come true for many those days since such companies hardly existed then. Growth became smooth with foreign assignments and management position. It was nearly 12 years of hard work to get to this position. Software industry is dynamic and so required constant updates. So it was balancing family and career and it was manageable until my daughter was born.

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